Growth history

Zhongzhi Zhiyun(DataAICloud, D&AI&C) predecessor from the Oracle, Tencent, Baidu, SF financial, Qianhai Finance, Yinfeng wind control and other enterprises of the entrepreneurial team, uphold the "technical service technology" goal, is committed to IT technology enterprises to provide technical services , Common components and frameworks to reduce the technical costs of technology companies. And in the architecture design, database, Internet, automated testing, financial wind control and anti-money laundering, OCR and other fields have made some achievements. 2017 by the Hong Kong macro capital injection set up in DataAICloud, while the acquisition of open source project organization EasyProject. In the current cloud computing, artificial intelligence, large data and other technologies with the help of technology and business integration, to provide the whole industry chain solutions. Cloud computing-driven intelligent era has come, DataAICloud whole solution chain technology for you to pry open priceless data Jinshan corner of wealth.

At present, there are many partners in the world, for a number of overseas enterprises to provide technical support services and products. In Beijing, China, Shanghai, Shenzhen has offices.

IT technical services

Both for the enterprise from the demand, to the software design, development, testing, and delivery, operation and maintenance, complete IT industry chain technology to provide technical support. Practice agility for your early, high quality delivery of reliable products.

Human Resources Services

With excellent staff from frontline positions, including product managers, project managers, UI designers, development test engineers, large data engineers and other talents. Reliable, technically superior.

  • Hu Dongliang 云贷 PM

    Based on the JavaEE enterprise-class rapid development platform you provide, engineers use less than three days on weekends to get the first big data platform for fast build and on-line, and when the show is in front of me Surprise. In the large data monitoring platform, the monitoring engine is for our asset monitoring provides a strong guarantee. Technology is to promote the maximum productivity of the product.


    Legend Cloud platform to solve our nearly 4,000 people in the team management issues, the use of Internet technology to team operations digital, mobile, reduce communication and management costs, enhance the image and office efficiency.

  • Wong Yuk Jing Eunice Financial MANAGER

    The IT financial products and services in China have solved the dilemma of finding products with trading and investment value in the rapidly changing stock fund bond data of financial markets. From the previous initiative to find, filter, and now only need to receive passive data to remind, make investment decisions can be! Technology has changed the way we invest in transactions, transactions easier, rational and reliable.

Our Crazy Contribution

Cloud loan revenue growth : 60%
HK insurance efficiency : 90%
IT finance, transaction reliability growth : 70%
Average cost savings : 55%

Meet Our Team

Through customer cooperation, share the great achievements of technological innovation, and jointly create more marvelous and positive results.

Cho Macy

Managing Director

Rich experience in capital operation at home and abroad, for large-scale financial, logistics, import and export industries to provide IT industry chain integration to help customers optimize the management, to provide brand image, process optimization, user technology to enhance the program to help customers a higher level The

O Mei Yung

IT Finance

He graduated from the Department of Finance of the University of Hong Kong and spent four years at Sequoia Capital. He is currently the head of the IT Financial Research Institute. He is responsible for providing clients with trading strategies, quantitative trading and investment decisions.

Mo Yaoxuan


Former ORACLE technical person in charge. In the cloud computing technology, machine learning and data integration has in-depth experience. The latest results of technology can be applied to business needs, to establish a comprehensive continuous delivery capacity..